• Joseph Michelli

Collecting and Sharing Letters of Specialness

Submitted by Lynn

For my 65th birthday, my niece Kelly contacted family and friends and asked them to share their thoughts about me. She put a book together of the letters, cards, and drawings and presented it to me on my birthday. It was so emotional to read the letters - I do what I do and didn't actually think it made a lot of impact, but I was blown away by all the thoughtful letters, kindness, and stories of my affect on others' lives. It actually took me three days to get through the book since it was so emotional for me. Thank you to Kelly for being surprisingly kind. Her kindness inspired me to do the same for my family and friends, so this year, my commitment is to write to each person on their birthday telling them how they have impacted my life and the lives of others and to tell them how special they are. So far, I've sent five such letters and each person has written back to me thanking me and I can feel their surprise at some of the things I tell them, as if they also didn't know they made an impact. I'm so glad Kelly did this for me and now I'm passing along the love. We all need to know that we impact others' lives in some way. Thanks, Kelly, for my letters and for the lesson that I should tell others how I feel about them.

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